Breakfast of Champions

by Mark Broadbent

Mark Broadbent has enjoyed a food-obsessed career spanning three decades. He’s cooked in Five star Hotels, Two star Michelin restaurants, Gastro Pubs and Member’s Clubs, delivering unforgettable cuisine or acting as a consultant. London’s Bluebird was just one of his success stories. Under his creative direction, the restaurant achieved huge critical acclaim and was especially loved by AA Gill.

When it comes to my favourite meal of the day, I’ve got to say I do have a thing for breakfast. Whether it’s a quick bite to grab-and-go midweek or a luxurious lazy brunch with friends at the weekend, my day just seems that little bit brighter after a solid breakfast.

At Facebook HQ breakfast is always popular because, as everyone knows, it fuels the workforce. And keeping things varied is what keeps diners coming back. I like to offer up a myriad of tasty options, ensuring I harness the best of the season’s ingredients. And my menu changes daily because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Of course you can expect to find all the obvious morning feasts, from doorstep-size bacon sarnies to fruit salads bursting with health. But I always like to liven things up with a cheeky breakfast dish du jour.

And right now, I’m really excited by eggs. Yup, the humble egg does it for me. Scrambled, poached or sunny-side-up, eggs can make a dish sing with morning glory. And I’m not alone it seems. Two of my most popular breakfast options that literally fly out of the kitchen feature eggs.

First is the hugely satisfying Fairfax Sandwich. A brioche bun filled with soft scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, caramelised onion and spicy Sriracha mayo. While coming in a close second is the Mexican-kitchen inspired Huevos Ranchero. Baked eggs with chillies, tomatoes and peppers, served up hot straight from the oven. (Sombrero is optional.)

Take it from me. Nothing feels as good for the soul as a brilliant breakfast. And it’s a meal we should all be making the time to celebrate, especially as this week is national #BreakfastWeek So skip it at your peril, readers.

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