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Middle Eastern Mezze
Roast rose harissa chicken, preserved lemon Salad Fattoush, shaved red onions, cos, sumac, pomegranate, vine tomatoes, pitta wafers Sweet potato salad sumac, green beans, black onion seeds Guindillas chillies & Nocellara olives
Italian Antipasti Board
Bresaola punta d’anca, salume finnochia Toscana, Cotto, Nuda Cresponetto, Pinzimonio, raw baby vegetables, Toasted garlic crostini, crema di Pecorino
The Great British Block
Ginger Pig pork pies, Rare roast beef, horseradish, Lambton & Jackson London cured smoked salmon, Dressed heirloom tomatoes, Tossed hedgerow salad, Gentlemen’s relish, Colman’s English
Fashion & Studio Catering



Whether it’s a photo shoot for Nike or a Fashion Week wrap party, our vans deliver on trend, in season menus straight to set - healthy, vibrant and delicious! Regular clients include: Stella McCartney, Nike, Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Condenast, Harrods, Hello Magazine, Amazon & Pure Productions.

Modern, Contemporary Food. On trend, in season


The Importance of a Good Studio Catering Company


Why Good Catering for Studios is Important ?

A good meal can really change the course of a day. A good breakfast can start the day right; a fantastic sandwich at lunch can provide the energy to get through the afternoon; and a delicious dinner can help the problems of a day melt away. There is a real difference between the fulfilment that can be gained from a pre-cooked, reheated frozen food, and from lovingly prepared meals, cooked from fresh, with quality ingredients, by professional caterers for studios.

A professional caterer, will offer a service that is not just about feeding their customers, but about giving an enjoyable experience. An experienced food service company will provide chefs that know about ingredients and flavours, and know how to create well thought out dishes on a large scale. They will also provide extensive choices to ensure that each dietary requirement will be catered for, and not as an afterthought. With a decent dining experience, no employee will feel like they have been overlooked when it comes to lunch.

A good meal, served hot and fresh, can make all the difference to one of your workers day. Good food that is a treat for the taste buds and for the eyes, can really boost the morale and productivity of workers, even making them feel valued by their employers. Furthermore good studios caterers, will able to provide something restaurant quality for those special occasions, such as Christmas or birthday parties, and corporate events. They can create a themed menu and even decorate your venue, to give a real treat that hard workers certainly deserve.

The importance of high quality studio catering really cannot be underestimated. To keep your studios running efficiently, good meals that are served on time, will certainly be a key element in keeping your business working to its best potential, which in the long run can save money that can be caused by delays.


How to Choose a Studio Catering Company?

The food service sector is a booming industry, often meaning there is a lot of choice when it comes to selecting caterers for your studios. Make the wrong choice and you could be stuck with limited menus, poor quality food and unsatisfied workers. You could also face a loss of money, when it comes to having to find a new caterer to replace the one that was not up to standard. Make sure you choose the right company for you, with these handy tips:

  • Real Interest in Your Dining Needs – A good caterer for studios, should be responsive and attentive to your specific needs, right from the initial meeting. A caterer may be quick to offer restaurant standard food, with the finest ingredients, and for the beat price. But, if they are not taking into your account your specific needs, then their promises are redundant. A good caterer will be less concerned with what they can do, and more concerned with what they can do for you. This should translate to a studio catering company, asking questions about your business, your employees, and the kinds of meals they will be required to produce, as well as taking your budget into consideration. A good caterer will not treat you like a number, but as an individual with their own specific needs and requirements. They will do all they can to get as much information as they can.
  • Diverse Menu Options – It is normal practice for caterers to provide a selection of standard menus to choose from, offering flexibility to adapt ingredients, or swap one meal out for another. A caterer that stands above the rest, will regularly change their dining options to match the seasons, and to keep up to date with the latest trends. Additionally, they will be willing to consider special requests, as well as provide something exciting for every dietary requirement, be it food allergies or intolerances, vegan or vegetarian etc.
  • Tasting Sessions – A caterer may offer you food worthy of the finest restaurant on paper, but the proof is in the pudding (no pun intended). You should never shake hands with a caterer that doesn't offer you a tasting session of the menus they offer. A quality professional caterer should be able to offer you a number of samples, based on a number of budgets. Furthermore, not only should you be able to see how the food tastes, but also how it will be presented. You may have to pay for a tasting session, but this should be considered as a necessary outlay, especially if you are hoping to have a long term business relationship.
  • Quality of Food – Sustainability is an important issue for many businesses and any company should recognise this. Ask a caterer if they purchase their ingredients from sustainable farms or producers, and ask if they have quality standards for their ingredients. They should be able to show you an extensive portfolio, with pictures of their food, detailing all the information on where the ingredients are sourced from. A tasting session (see above) will also help with determining quality of ingredients.
  • Top Quality Kitchen Staff – It isn't necessarily the length of time a caterer has been in business that matters. What is probably more important, is the length of time the chefs, sous chefs and other staff, have working in a kitchen. Ask a potential studio catering company about the experience of their kitchen staff – do they have any awards? Can they work efficiently in a smaller kitchen? Are they used to creating quality lunches on a large scale? The more you know about the chefs and the kitchen staff the better. After all, they have the biggest roll to play when it comes to your employees or guest, enjoying their food.
  • A Wide Range of Expertise – Providing dining services for studios, or fashion catering will most likely require a certain amount of flexibility. You may require quality dining for crew, corporate events, and for parties, amongst other things. Therefore you are going to need a studio catering co. that has a certain level of flexibility. Although most food caterers will be able to handle a broad range of occasions, most will also be specialists in certain types of events. Some caterers have great success when it comes to small boutique events, but may struggle when is comes to producing meals on a large scale. To ensure that you select a caterer that has expertise in the area you require, talk to a number of companies. It really is the best way to find the right caterer for you, hopefully with previous experience with studios.
  • Reliable References – We have all seen glowing testimonials and reviews on a company's website, which can make a company seem like they provide the best service and meals that anyone could hope for. Don't take these gushing testimonials on face value. Ask potential caterers if they have any previous clients that you can actually speak too. This is an invaluable way to determine if a caterer can deliver what they promise, to a high standard. Be wary of any company that cannot provide you with the details of previous clients, or seem evasive when you ask for references. You want to ensure that you are getting the dining service you are promised for your studios.
  • Liability Insurance - Insurance certainly doesn't seem like something exciting to consider, when you have a caterer that can give you spices from all over the world, and cuisine that looks like a work of art worthy of a gallery. But, if something were to go wrong with this miraculous food – heaven forbid an allergy is missed, or an accident occurs – and your chosen company does not have liability insurance, you could have a costly problem on your hands. It will be up to you to foot the bill, which could affect the profitability and reputation of your studios.
  • A Good Understanding of the Venue – A reputable company will not have a 'one size fits all' mentality. They should have a good understanding of your venue, particularly the kitchen. They should be aware of any limitations the venue has, and adjust their menu and service plan accordingly. Furthermore, they should be aware of the safety requirements and regulations, including and disposal issues and workers safety.


Catering for Studios Need Not Be Complicated

Follow the above tips on picking the right company for your studios, you will find the perfect fit (and the perfect menus) should be a relatively simple experience. Be clear about your budget, and check that your quote or contract does not include any extras that will add to the total. What is included (or not included) in a package will vary from company to company. Once you know you will get all you need, for the price that you budgeted for, and that your chosen studio catering company is enthusiastic and receptive to your ideas, you should be ready to go ahead.

Whether it be fashion, film or TV, or catering for another kind of studio, choose wisely and your workers will certainly feel satisfied throughout each day. Pick the right studio catering company and they will offer much more than just lunch. Exciting food, tastes from around the world, and great service, will be brightening the day of your clients, customers, colleagues and workers.


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