Office Contract Catering

Puy lentils, butterbeans, cepes, leaf spinach, thyme
Tuna Nicoise
Jersey royals, datterini tomatoes, baby gem, free range eggs, fine green beans, black olives, capers, aioli
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Maize fed chicken, button mushrooms, chicken stock, tarragon
Office Contract Catering
“Look forward to working with Bread & Honey in the coming years. Thanks again for the amazing food and superb customer service.”



We provide delivered lunches Monday to Friday to the Mozilla and many other London tech offices - serving up meat, fish and vegetarian options as well as side dishes. Our chefs provide new menus every three months so the offering is always fresh and seasonal, as well as healthy and delicious. Meals are prepared at the Bread & Honey kitchens before being delivered on site. And when needed, we also provide buffets and snacks for client meetings, social gatherings and presentations.

Modern, Contemporary Food. On trend, in season


What is Contract Catering? And, What Should You Be Looking For?


What is contract catering

To put it simply, a contract caterer is a catering company that provides long-term, daily or regular catering to a particular business client. This usually requires a contract in place so that you (the client) become a priority.

Over the past decade there has been an explosion in contract catering meaning dramatically increased competition. Some might think that this would have negatively impacted the industry, but in fact, the competition has actually been very beneficial. The increase in competition has encouraged the entire hospitality industry to step up the level of catering that is on offer, meaning better services for clients.

However, with such a saturated catering market, and many catering groups claiming to offer superior products over others - It can feel like a real minefield trying to determine whether a prospective catering company really are as good as they claim to be. This is where Bread and Honey come in.
Simply put, Bread and Honey is London’s leading catering company. We have catered for businesses like: Mozilla, Adidas, Harrods and Citi Bank, as well as numerous others. Our esteemed clientele reflects our personal standards. We only work with the best and brightest businesses. And if our track record and numerous repeat clients are anything to go by – we are undoubtedly the benchmark within our industry.

But why do people use us? What is it about us that makes us so great? And more importantly – why do people keep coming back? In order to answer these questions, we first need to ask: why is it worth using a caterering company?


Why Use a Contract Catering Company?

Let’s start with customer satisfaction. Your employees work hard, sometimes making huge personal sacrifices to achieve excellence for your company. Great food with top notch components provides that daily boost to employees, which makes them feel as if you are a business that really cares about them.
Furthermore, with so much delicious food on offer, it saves them from having to eat those rather scummy sandwiches from the supermarket. Remember: a healthy and well fed team are going to be more productive (and happier). You won’t find your team members munching away on rubbish every time. With the kinds of food we provide at Bread and Honey, your staff will quite happily stay at their desks and keep the ball rolling.

Happy workers come from happy eating. The food we provide is always sourced from the best locations. We also only use the finest, freshest and most tasty spices available. Furthermore, our chefs check every single dish for that extra guarantee of quality.


I only run a small business. Is contract catering really for me?

Of course! It isn’t just for big multi-billion dollar corporations. We pride ourselves on working with companies ranging from the small to the multi-national. Any company with any budget can use a caterer. All you need to do is send us an email or give us a call and we can have a friendly conversation about what your needs are. We can even provide a quote. You might be surprised at how affordable catering can be. You also don’t need a caterer for every single day, sometimes a weekly treat is all that is needed to keep your workforce motivated!


But isn’t there loads of stuff to set up, like, tables and chairs, etc.?

Only if you don’t have a contract with us! Our highly-trained team, all of whom are food hygiene trained, will deal with all the heavy lifting. Your only job is to sit back and delight in our tasty meals.


Can I use contract catering for more than one meal daily?

Yes! Contract catering isn’t just for lunch. We provide a cornucopia of breakfast foods and even after work snacks. So, regardless of when you need food, you can always rely on us.


Mozilla Case Study

Based in London, Mozilla is the software giant behind Firefox, one of the world’s most used web browsers. Their offices are huge, and their team numbers are vast. So, they needed a catering company that could offer a complete hospitality package. This means not only feeding a hungry team daily (and make sure they were heartily fed), but could also provide food for clients, food for meetings and food for larger scale functions.

We designed and provide Mozilla with a series of delicious menus Monday to Friday and have them freshly delivered directly to their offices each and every day. Not only do we use the finest ingredients available, but we are also very health conscious. We make sure that everything is fresher than fresh, and that each meal is checked and given the mark of approval by one of our head or executive chefs.

We also like to ensure that our clients have loads of variety. Our Chefs change the menus every three months, this helps to ensure that only the best seasonal offerings are available.

We also make sure that any dietary requirements can be catered for. So, whether you are gluten free, or need a Kosher option - you can rest easy knowing that our food will be the perfect, scrumptious fit for you.

Something that also separates Bread and Honey’s catering services from others, is feedback.

We understand that our customer's enjoyment of our food forms the essence of our business. So, we always take the time to sit-down with our clients to listen to feedback. We want to know what they liked, what they didn’t like and what they want. Our goal is very simple - we always want to improve, so, we take customer feedback very seriously.

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what Mandy Chan, the London Office Manager for Mozilla had to say;

“…Bread and Honey always take feedback very seriously and work with us to improve. Look forward to working with Bread and Honey in the coming years. Thanks again for the amazing food and superb customer service…”


What kind of catering food can you offer?

We offer one of the largest in-house and office catering menus in UK.

We offer 3 Breakfast menus that offer anything from Artisanal Croissants, Yoghurt and Granola to a Full English.

As far as Lunch goes, you’ll be spoilt for choice. We offer a variety of 24 dishes spread across 6 different menus. These include Thai Penang Red Curry, Chicken and Mushroom Pie and Short Horn Beef Lasagne.

We also offer a variety of 8 artisanal baguettes, ideal to suit any taste buds and two sets of afternoon Tea services.

Our level of hospitality is unlike anyone else’s, meaning you get the best contract catering in UK. Everyone from C level to Interns revel in our food!


Do you do more than delivered food?

Our services are so sought after that the management at the Facebook HQ in London elected for Bread and Honey to run their in-house restaurant. If you’re company is tired of eating the same boring food daily, it might be time to see if management want us to run their restaurants,



The best caterers (like ourselves) don’t just provide you your daily bread. We are also the solution to those major events that you might be planning.

All great events start with a great venue. The venue sets the tone for the event, so it’s important that even if you have the greatest food in the world (which you will with Bread and Honey!) and the best team in UK (which again…you will with us!) that your venue will be something to be remembered.

Most contract catering companies typically offer food and service as part of their contracts. But we like to go a little further.

Bread and Honey have links to some of the most exclusive venues throughout UK, including: Hel’s Angels, Aynhoe Park, The London Film Museum and even One Whitehall Place.

So, rather than you having to traipse all over the capital, to find that perfect spot. All you need to do is sit back, relax, and let Bread and Honey find that perfect venue to really turn your event into an experience that your team will never forget.



So, you’ve got the perfect venue. Now it’s time to turn to the important stuff – food. Superb food is the bedrock to any company. It’s the thing that everyone is going to remember, subsequently – it must be of the highest order.

You might have tried our amazing daily spreads, but we also set the standard when it comes to event dining. We take pride in providing sumptuous and seasonal menus, all of which have been fastidiously crafted by our chefs for any event.

To achieve such variety, we offer no less than 10 different menu’s, with classics like delectable Warm Duck Liver and Bacon Salads and Toberomy Scallops; to Street food menu’s that feature: Japanese Steamed Buns, and my personal favourite, mouth-watering Gourmet burgers.

So, whether it’s a sit-down meal or a fun canape that you’re after, with Bread and Honey you have the best caterers in the business - we can cover all bases.



Our food isn’t the only thing that sets us apart, it’s the team who make it. Our Chefs are some of the best in the business and have more combined decades worth of experience than they like to admit. Not a single dish leaves our kitchen without first being checked by our master Chefs.



So, you’ve got your event confirmed. The venue is ready and decorated, the food has been chosen, the Chef is putting the final touches of seasoning to that delightful Lobster dish that you’ve picked out, and the last few details and decorations are being taken care of. The last thing to think about is the staffing.
Staffing can be a nightmare. Ultimately, it is the staff that are going to be the face of your event. So, you need to feel that not only are they professional and courteous, but also highly presentable. You could hire an independent staffing company to cover the event, but how do you know that they’re all as good as they say they are? Do they have the right level of experience? Have they been thoroughly vetted? At Bread and Honey, we appreciate that these are not trivial questions but serious ones. Which is why, if you take on our staff, you get quality.

We don’t let a single member of our team onto the floor until we are absolutely satisfied that they are competent and trained to the highest standards. We take the presentation and expertise of each of them very personally, because not only do we want to make sure that your event is precisely as you envisioned it, but we also care about the way that we, as a company, appear. We only want to be associated with the best, meaning that from the ground up, from our Directors, Management and Chefs to our bus boys and waiting staff, we ensure that every single person is part of a well-oiled and finely tuned machine. That’s the reason that when we are entertaining the likes of Mercedez Bens, Gucci, Facebook and Jaeger that all our team is complemented.

We expect the best out of ourselves, we care about the way we are perceived, so that you get the best possible experience.

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