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TV & Film Catering

"It was a hugely successful evening, the food & service was outstanding. We had so many positive comments."


Our clients include, Pinewood Studios, Chump, ITV, BBC, Channel 4, Shine TV, FOX Television. That’s why, from film set to wrap party, we design dishes that always leave a great impression with the crew.

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Film Catering on Location - the Why and How to do it

Film and commercial caterer on location is no breezy matter; it can really make or break your production set, we would know. After all, state of the art food makes the world go round and eating isn’t just about need. Delicious catering food can set the tone to your production, bring your people on location together and bolster morale on your film set.

If your employees are working tirelessly around the clock, trying to get the next film or television shots just right, they need the right fuel to get it done. (Not packaged soggy sandwiches brought from home.)

Because your staff won’t be leaving the set location for a while, bringing decadent meals to them isn’t just a good idea, it’s a must.

Hot meals, great menus, snacks and a plethora of liquids ultimately make your on film location not only a brilliant place to work at, but also ensures a smooth production (no pun intended).


What is Film Catering?

Film catering on location put simply is when a catering service brings food to your events and offers on location catering for your production. We at Bread and Honey are catering specialists with a proven expertise in bringing the kitchen to your location. We'll cook all the meals necessary from our very kitchen, bring our own equipment, plan out scrumptious menus and serve your event and film meals to remember.

You can work with your food catering service and discuss what sort of food is cooked in the kitchens at the location of your production set. Caterers will then cook the food for your production and deliver it at your location so you have hot, inviting plates of food at every meal.


The Difference between Catering and Craft

Film location caterers serve hot food on the day of your shooting, directly to your crew at the location of the event, where ever they are. So what exactly is crafts and why is it different from catering? Well, we can tell you:because of our expertise as one of catering companies leaders, we'll prepare your exquisite meals to be placed at a table and eaten in a community style. With plenty of conversing, your community dining will leave a buzz of excitement in the air.


Crafts take care of the other members of your team.

Sometimes certain members of the team can’t sit down and eat on location, they just don’t have the time. They’re dedicatedly working on your costumes, makeup, lighting and all the little cogs that make filming a success. Our food craft service and bespoke menus offer these movers and shakers at each of your events a way to eat without having to sit down in a set location whilst still enjoying their meal.

Other members of the film team might prefer to sit back a good hour, so as to relax and dine on fine kitchen food. But because a proper quality catering service can last up to 90 minutes, a long time for those of your people on the go, we'll also brig to your location set pastries, pies, sandwiches, salads, crisps and other finger foods they can grab and go.


Why is Film Catering Important?

You know when you’re on some awful diet and you don’t eat enough, you get grouchy? You’re stamping around stressed, less aware if you hurt someone’s feelings. Now imagine your entire staff that way, on their feet for 12 plus hours, fuelling themselves with chocolate bars and soggy spam sandwiches’. It’s a disaster just waiting to happen.

We all know nutrition is important; sugar crashes can turn anyone into a real beast which is why catering isn’t just about food. It isn’t just about ensuring no one goes hungry. It’s about way more than that. It’s about making everyone a happier more productive member of the team.

Using a proper catering company can change your entire set. Hiring caterers who cooks bland, terrible food or provides mediocre, stale snacks and you have a recipe for disaster. A hungry, grouchy cast and crew will make more mistakes, cost you more work and the good members might not come back.

You want your employees to know no matter what happens, no matter what breaks down or who’s responsible for what, they will soon receive a hot, yummy meal crafted by one of UK's leading caterers and all will be good with the world again.

Catering - when done in a proper kitchen - can also provide the perfect context for actors/crew/and managers alike to mingle and get to know each other during events. Although many of these people work together, they likely don’t get the chance to be social and build a bond; a sit-down meal changes all of this.

Food brings people together, and this is especially important in a workplace where everyone is too busy being busy, to relate with one another as people.


Food Caterer Menus you’ll Love

Think traditional English breakfast; think steamy scrambled eggs and artisan croissants. Think proper food, carefully crafted in a professional kitchen by a proper catering specialist throughout the day if required. A kitchen with a real chef and its professional crew who's aim is to ensure that the menu they will design with and for you will be not only great, but also perfectly balanced... So that you and your own team can concentrate on shooting the best film...

This is just a taste of what your menus on location - for each of your events - could be. Breakfast is the most important meal, so don’t let your catering service waste it on dried out cereal and bits of limp toast. We know better, and so do you.

Fancy a Tikka Masala or Chillicon Carne? Who wouldn’t? Just imagine a piping hot meal on your menus for lunch every day. When it comes to catering you want meals that will be filling and balanced.

A pack of crisps and a roll might be nice, but what if you could serve catering food for your events and production that ensure your staff shows up to work enthusiastically every day of the week? There are no shortages of decadent meals (both hot and cold) that can be catered at your location.

When a catering service goes the extra mile with their quality menus, you know it. Hire caterers with years of experience and you can’t go wrong.


Recommended Foods for Film Production Catering

You never want to ration your team, or skimp on the food. If they’ve had a light meal before work and are now starving, imagine how they’ll feel when you tell them all you have is a couple pieces of beans on toast for lunch? Then they take that mood and carry it around with them during work on your event. You need to be generous with your meals.

When it comes to keeping hundreds of people happy, hot, traditional, quality food does it best. Not all caterers are made equal. Having the kinds of food that people relate to creates easy conversation and happy bellies. Having plenty of food for seconds will add that extra touch your starving artists need.


Diets should always be balanced, but meals should too. Here is a list of the best things to take into account with your menu.

  • There should be a vegetarian and vegan option, a meat option, and there can also be an option for those who only want a light meal to get them through.
  • Desserts are also another factor, sweet, fun foods keep moods light and makes your meal complete.
  • Don’t forget to provide many different foods, you definitely don’t want your team eating the same thing day-in-day-out. That’s bound to burn them out quick and cause them to dread the meals by the end of production.
  • Instead, offer a mixture of meals from your kitchen, and different options on different days. This way they can eat as varied as they like.
  • You also want your meals to give a lot of energy, high carbs, with balanced proteins and fats. Things like chicken and mushroom pie will keep your staff healthy, full, and give them plenty of energy to boot.


A professional catering service will also think about the types of food that get left out in the sun and whether it’s appropriate. Some foods must be kept in a kitchens refrigerator. Anything with dairy will go bad in the hot sun fast, and anything too messy can get all over the equipment and costumes. Things like this become a problem fast when not thought through clearly.


Diet Restrictions of Your Crew

Sometimes the actors have special diets they need to adhere too, sometimes you have a diabetic. You need to know if your crew and cast has a vegetarian or a vegan on its staff.

If you’re not providing a healthy balance of food that takes these quirks into account, you’re going to be in trouble during your shooting hours. Staff members may ask to leave the set location due to health and dietary needs, things might get pushed back, or a whole host of issues which are a pain in the neck to deal with.

More importantly: you need to find out if anyone has any special needs in their diet because you don’t want to put somebody in a life-threatening situation.
If someone has a peanut allergy, find snacks and meals for them that work around this. Don’t just tell people to avoid certain foods, or modify the food you have to please them: trust us it’s not worth the risk. Knowing what every employee needs will go a long way to boosting the morale of your workers and making them feel included in the project.


Why You Shouldn’t Order Out

It’s tempting to individually order everyone’s preferences from a nearby restaurant and have it delivered to your location—but this would be a bad move. For starters there are many people to feed during film and television shoots, which means a lot of orders to make, and the restaurant might not have enough in the kitchens to fulfil this request. It will get costly, fast. Each meal will add up until your food budget is blown.

Then there’s the issue of late delivery. Ordering from a restaurant out of the blue, especially an order that large will catch them off guard. They may have to get more supplies on the fly and who knows how competent the cooks are? You will up with grumpy, under-fed staff that can’t get back to shooting until they have their meal; which is taking forever to get there.

This also doesn’t account for any unexpected people that show up after you’ve ordered.

Ordering a platter can also crash and burn. Calculating how much people eat isn’t easy, and if you don’t order enough you’ll have to order more. And wait for them to deliver again.

Just reading those issues gives us a headache, the logistics aren’t worth it.

Ordering out becomes a time and money suck your production and teams can’t afford. Save yourself the nightmare and just hire film caterers with an on-set kitchen.


Showing You Care about Your Employees Matters

I’m sure you’ve heard of the expression: the way to his heart is through his stomach. This is true for your employees too. When our higher ups care about us we work harder, are more loyal, and are dedicated to working on more projects with that company.

When you put in the extra effort to get a professional to cook your meals for your events, you show compassion towards your employees and what they are eating. You boost morale, and you create a happy environment for everyone to work in. Ensuring you have an option of food that everyone will like—or in special cases can eat—shows you care about them not just as a group, but as individuals.

People remember the small touches. So when you’re working them late at nights and they’re doing over time to catch up on deadlines…well they’re less inclined to feel put out or grumpy about it because they know you put their needs first.


Why a Professional Film Caterer is Important

Sure you could hire your cousin to come in, slap a few bread rolls together and feed a couple hundred of your employees. But do you really want to do that?
So many things can go wrong when you’re not hiring a professional caterer, and when it comes to food, you can’t afford it.

Food poisoning comes to mind. Imagine if your entire staff ate something spoiled? All of them would be out of commission. That’s a huge hit to your production, your budget and your time.

Then there’s the possibility you hire somebody sub-par and they don’t show up. Or their equipment breaks and they can’t replace it. Or worse, they cause a health and safety issue.

The last problem to consider is weather. Will food be inside or outside? What will happen if it rains? Is the film catering service ready for that possibility?
A professional film catering service takes all of this and more into account to ensure your meals run as perfectly as possible.

In conclusion, there are a lot of nuances and small details that go into feeding a large film crew via film catering. Morale, weather, quality of food and expense can all go awry. It’s always best to bite the bullet and hire a film catering service, whose job it is to figure all this out for you. Not only will it save your sanity, but it will save the sanity of the people on set and therefore your film.

Bread and Honey film catering service will provide quality food for your cast and crew, so they can concentrate on creating the perfect film and commercials. Our years of experience working for professional shooting companies can’t be beat and we pride ourselves in our extensive catering experience. If you are looking for outdoor catering, mobile catering, for television shoots, or event and film our service takes food on set very seriously.

We make sure your crew's energy levels are high for the long hours ahead and offer food options that go above and beyond. We provide many different menus which are cooked in our kitchens and can supply food preparation with our own cooking equipment. We know your food doesn’t need to be complicated by what can go wrong; when you hire us to cater you get the best food for your event.

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