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Catering forms the essence of any great event or party. It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful venue in the world, the most elaborate menus or the most charming of guests. If the catering is poor, then the event is as good as ruined.

Catering Companies London

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Catering forms the essence of any great event or party. It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful venue in the world, the most elaborate menus or the most charming of guests.

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If the catering is poor, then the event is as good as ruined. So where does one turn in such a situation? You want the best. You want a team of dedicated staff,with years of experience, and the best menus on offer.There’s only one solution – Bread and Honey Catering. Operating from our London offices in North West London, Bread and Honey have been a staple and national leader of the catering for over 40 years, and has developed into one of the most sought after catering solutions in London.


Whether you are looking for: occasion catering, corporate cateringorevent production; Bread and Honey offer the highest quality food, aimed at satisfying any palette, regardless of whether you are a carnivore or a vegan. Our menus have been trialled, tested, tweaked and approved across countless parties and events throughout London. If our shining reviewsare anything to go by, we are beloved by our clients who always come back to us when planning for their next events.


But it’s more than just quality menus that we offer. What makes our events and expertise so sought after is our ability to offer acomplete event management solution.


Unlike some catering companies, we offer a complete package. We’ve thought of everything, whether it’s: venues, florists, set-designers or mixologists, we strive and succeed in creating truly unique events and experiences that will not only make your party or parties the most envied event in years, but also make you and your guests feel special and well looked after.


But words are cheap. We’ve catered events for some of the largest corporate companies in the world, like, Amazon UK, Microsoft, Instagram, The FA and Disney – and those are just a few of our corporate clients.


We’ve also cater for major fashion brands like, Adidas and Barbour. Luxury brands like Burberry, Chanel and Dior, as well as production agencies like Channel 4, Sky and Universal studios. The biggest companies in the world come to us and rave about the quality of our parties. The reason… we can offer a complete solution, with menus and catering of the highest quality.


Corporate Events

Our corporate events are renowned for setting the standard when it comes to quality. We ensure that our delicious food sets the perfect atmosphere, and leaves every guest yearning for more. So, whether it’s a press day, conference, gala dinner or fashion show, you can rest assured that your guests are going to leave with that feeling of being spoiled.


We cater for some of the biggest and best corporations in London, from tech companies to fashion companies, so, we have extensive knowledge and no-how on how to create the perfect event to match the ambience, tone and atmosphere you are going for. So, whether it is something more traditional, or the party of the season, we know how to make our catering match your needs precisely.


As far as food goes, we typically offer two types of corporate dining experiences. The first is a delectable Canapé menu that features delicious treasures as: Steak Tartare, Aubergine Caponata and Lemon Curd tarts. This is perfect for a more dynamic event or maybe a product launch.


Our second type of menu is a more formal, ‘Sit Down’ option. This option features the likes of Lobster Germiny, Tobermory Scallops, confit belly Pork and mouth-watering deserts like our refreshing Spring Berry Sundae.


If it’s a venue you are looking for, we also have a special relationship with some of London’s most exclusive venues. We know that you’d prefer to be with your guests rather than organizing every minutia of an event, so sit back and let us do the work.


The Most Sought After Staff in the London Catering Scene

Every good catering company knows, it’s the staff that makes anddelivers the event, regardless of whether it is a party or more controlled ‘sit-down’ meal. An event can be made or broken on the staff, so you need to feel confident that from the top-down, that you are getting the highest quality service. At Bread and Honey, we believe that passion mixed with painstaking attention to detail is what makes our catering experience so special. Nothing is left to chance. With regards to food, every dish is carefully inspected by our super-star chef Mark Broadbent, and along with his staff, including: Head Chefs, Mark Block and AydonYeaman and Executive Chef Arnaud Torchy. Every one of our chefs have years of experience under their belt, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re getting quality, delicious food. If it leaves the kitchen, then the food can only have been made to the highest standards.


It’s not just our food that keeps our clients coming back, it’s our organization. Our events manager, Clemi Cruickshank has years of expertise and experience as a wedding manager at Bijou Weddings and as a marketing executive at Quintessentially, which means that the entire event, from the: inception, concept, lighting, staging, venue acquisition, logistics, flowers and staffing will all be taken care of, meaning you get the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the event, rather than having to run around worrying. With Clemi, every detail is taken care of.


Weddings to Remember

A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life, a day to be forever cherished. Yetunfortunately, weddings can also be extremely stressful events. There is just so much to stay on top of, whether it’s the food, the menus, the invitations, the guest lists, or the venue, there are so many things to consider,and any detail of which can ruin what should be the most special day of your life. So, why not let Bread and Honey catering take the hassle away? Bread and Honey cateringhave some of the most highly trained and sought after catering staff in the UK, all of whom are not only acutely aware of the importance of your wedding, but also have the passion and dedication to ensure that your wedding will be incredible. From the first conversation, to the last dance, our staff will deal with every single detail,ranging from; the menus to the venue itself and everything in between. Every logistical aspect of your wedding will be taken care of, down to the napkins if need be, meaning that you get the opportunityto pamper yourself,indulge inthe quality menu, boogie down to some tunes, and maybe even have that extra glass of wine.


We also pride ourselves on our ability to turn a wedding into an experience. We consider the location, season and surroundings toreflect your wedding’s style and theme, regardless of whether it is contemporary or traditional. We listen to your requirements and put everything in place to design a menu and dayto photographicperfection.


As far as guests go, it’s the food thatyour guests will remember the most. Food plays an enormous part in any ceremony, so it absolutely must be perfect.
With our selection of rich and luxurious mains, like the Hertfordshire Rump of Beef, aged 30 days and served in mouth-watering meat juices, Tracklements’ (my personal favourite); stupendous starters and picture perfect puddings, like the baked New York Cheesecake, we know that you will be satisfied, and that your guests will be dying for more.


From start to finish Bread and Honey treats your wedding as nothing less than the event to end all events. Whether it’s parties or receptions we understand the personal significance that your wedding holds to you. It’s your special day, so make sure you seek London’s catering experts to ensure that it runs smoothly and is a party to remember.


Party food catering tips

Memorable parties or events are based on careful planning. For your them to be successful, you must be fully aware and clear on your requirements. A good party catering company will be there to assist you and help you gain a better picture of what your event requires. From planning the delicious menus, to setting up canapes and drinks reception, from arranging florists and having beautiful themed displays, Bread and Honey and its catering team will be there to lend a hand each step along the way. Whether you require a stunning ice sculpture, a grand mouth-watering cake, finger-licking appetizers or sweetly indulgent deserts, a team of catering experts including managers and serving staff will magically transform your events into something spectacular!


Going Beyond the Dish

With Bread and Honey, you have the finest caterers and catering staff in London, but do you have the finest venue in London. It goes without saying that London is one of the most beautiful and diverse places in the world, a perfect blend of the ancient and historic with the fresh and cutting edge. But finding a venue in London can be tough, to say the least, not only because of the array of choices on offer, but because London has secrets, gems in locations that won’t be available to you, unless you have an ‘in.’


Our reputation, expertise and relationships with some of London’s most exciting venues mean that we have exclusive access to places that other catering companies could only dream of getting their hands on. Including venues such as: The London Film Museum in Covent Gardens, Aynhoe Park and Hels Angels.


These London venues will turn an incredible event, into one of legendary status. So, when it comes to London venues, you can feel safe in the knowledge that Bread and Honey cateringhave delivered you a location that will not only make everyone feel special, but make other events look like a child’s party.


It’s not just our passion for finding the perfect London event spaces that set us apart, it’s our diligence for catering to the little details that can often get overlooked by other companies. For example, we have professional lighting teams and audio-visual specialists that we work with to ensure focus is always in the right place, and so there won’t be any technical snafus. We also have stylists on hand to guarantee that every possible detail of the aesthetics we develop is precisely the way you want it. We even have a team of flower arrangers just to make sure that each spec of the room ‘pops’ in just the right way. If there is any detail that you can think of, the chances are that we are already ten steps ahead of you.


Getting in Contact

From delicious food, stunning London venues, total logistical solutions, organization and incredible (and attractive) staff, Bread and Honey are the first and last word when it comes to catering because we createeventsthatlast in the minds forever. Regardless of whether you are planning a small and intimate wedding, or planning a major corporate event, we know that with our proven track record, repeat clientele who use us year inyear out and our radiant reviews, that we can cater to your event needs.


Taste, quality and passion are not something that can be bought, they come from knowledge, experience and success. So, if you need the finest catering company in London, then you need to contact so that we can turn your events into experiences.


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