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Drinks & Bar Hire
drinks & bar hire - bread & honey
drinks & bar hire - bread & honey

“Loads of compliments on the catering, so thank you! Really pleased with the team and everything ran smoothly. We’d love to work with you again.”


drinks & bar hire - bread & honey

From contemporary cocktails to craft beers, from the finest vintage champagnes to new world wines - we only work with London’s most established sommeliers & bartenders.

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Advantages of Doing a Mobile Bar Hire for Your Event

You should consider a mobile bar hire if you’re currently planning an event, a party or unique function. Personnel, materials and equipment, including glassware, counters, dispensers, fridges, and displays form part of the mobile bar package for events, making it easier for you, since you don’t have to set up, or ensure that the bars are stocked & staffed for your parties. No wonder mobile bar for hire are becoming a feature of more and more party venues in London. Here are some reasons to rent a unit for parties:


Mobile Bar Hire Reduces Costs

Mobile bars usually offer a variety of options, depending on your number of party guests. Mobile bar rental packages are pretty standard: they include trained staff, set up, glass hire (UK), furniture hire, glass clearing service, and clean-up. If you’re hosting an event or a party where patrons pay for their own drinks, you should consider to hire a free mobile bar service, where the profits come from drink sales.


Cocktail Bar Hire Helps Save Costs of Staffing Events

Whether you’re planning a corporate New Years’ Eve party or a private celebration, it makes sense to look into a mobile bar hire, particularly for outdoor events. It’s the perfect joint venture: you pay only for the liquor that is consumed at these functions. Even better, these units are fully staffed, so you don’t have the hassle of making sure each table has enough ice.

You have access to mixologists and flair bartenders versed in the art of “bottle juggling” a la Tom Cruise in the 1988 movie Cocktail. For a wedding or corporate event, hire UK waiters as well. Some event bars also offer chair hire and equipment hire. Depending on the package you choose to hire, our mobile bar company will take over the entire service for your party.

Do you have access to fine spirits, red or white wine, or fruit juices? Dry bars, where you have access to mixologists, glassware, and other equipment, and where you provide the liquor, work well for some events. Our company will even work with you to create a perfectly tailored drink list and give you guidance on what to shop for based on the size of your guest list.


Mobile Wedding Bar – A Great Way to Save on the Cost of Drinks

If you’re planning to get married, you can rent from a company that specializes in weddings. It’s a perfect win-win situation where you get similar services to those provided for other events: staff, all equipment, licensing, and all stock are standard. We ran a search, and discovered that all you have to do is tell the company the details of your wedding, and what type of liquor you would like, and they will do everything else for you.

Our survey of weddings has led us to the conclusion that these are costly events, and you should take the opportunity to save wherever you can. Many companies offer special deals if you have a min. guest list of 80, so if your wedding is on the larger side, you should take advantage of these offers. Take note that this type of special usually comes with conditions in the fine print, so read carefully before signing the contract.

Contact us now if you’re planning a wedding and you want to see the different options that we offer. We help you end your wedding ceremony and begin your wedding reception in style, and you can even opt for a signature mixture, designed for and named after the couple. You can also use mobile bars for your hen and stag parties, depending on the venues you choose for these events.


Another Reason for Wedding Bar Hire: No Charge for Leftover Drinks

Wedding bars lower your price tag because these bars come with a large assortment of drinks that people can share. There is no wastage from leftovers, because you pay only for what is consumed. Weddings involve a lot of drinking, but you won’t have to send your best man out to purchase more liquor, and you can let your hair down and enjoy your reception, knowing that the bars, which are focal areas in all weddings, are well taken care of.


Outsource Your Party Bar

Once you book a good mobile bar hire service, you’re assured of quality. The company will calculate the correct quantities of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks per guest, so you’ll know how much you’ll need for each of your bars. This is perfect for corporate events and weddings, and other parties where you don’t want your invitees to get too tipsy. Best of all, it frees you up to enjoy yourself, as you won’t have to be worrying about whether there’s enough ginger ale for non-drinkers, or if you have the right gin or vodka brand for premium drinkers.


Cocktail Bar Service Takes Care of Licences

When you hire mobile bars, the quote you get should include the cost of any permits or licences you need. The licence is usually taken out in the name of the company – mobile bar units are often part of a larger company. If you want to add mobile bar packages to your booking, or to discuss any specific requirements in managing the bars, most services will give you a window of about two weeks.

As you explore the range of services offered by these companies, you should also pay attention to whether or not the company of your choice covers public liability insurance, which may be required. You may also wish to insure yourself in case a drunken guest destroys the furniture at your venue, and you should definitely take out cancellation insurance in case your function doesn’t come off due to inclement weather or other factors.


Mobile Cocktail Service – London Link to Vendors

Your company is likely to have a link to top-notch vendors – the gold standard in service delivery. They may be able to offer you assistance in booking a DJ, caterer, and even tents. They’re likely to know a trustworthy service provider who offers specialized services for parties, and most are glad to point you in the right direction. Design the occasion of your dreams with bars that will take your invitees out of this world.

According to LinkedIn, there is no app that can replace the connections and relationships caterers (and by extension mobile bar services) have developed with vendors and suppliers, which allow them to ask for discounts and preferential treatment for the parties they work for. This, of course, brings prices down, saving you serious cash. And on the day of your corporate event, nothing can beat the look of a stylish LED lounge, or a collection of back units displaying liquor that will tempt the most discerning of drinkers.


Cocktail Barman Hire: He Mixes Whilst You Mingle

As host, you should be engaging with your invitees, and not wondering if there’s enough ice or if the draught beer will run out. If partying is your thing, you can go ahead and enjoy the festivities, and we will take care of them for you. Our company provides services for all types of parties and activities – from your PTA food fest to elaborate corporate events, enabling you to perform your duties as host without having to worry about technicalities like coolers and ice.


Mobile Cocktail Bar (London to Buenos Aires) Have One Thing in Common: Professional Service

Every function, from a small dinner party to a grand festival, should have the benefit of specialised service, which adds an air of elegance to the general atmosphere. Do your research – look at the photo gallery posted by the company you’re considering, and also pay attention to customer testimonials. Make calls to a few different companies to get a feel for how they engage customers.


Cocktail Party Catering Requires Professionals

A professional mixologist knows exactly how much triple sec should go into a margarita, and can make drinks quickly and effortlessly. He or she will know that a pina colada requires white rum, and their repertoire covers 100 or more cocktails (including little known drinks such as the Chesterfield Candy Cane), that they can make at the drop of a hat. Even if your guests want coffee or tea, an expert bartender knows that this option should be available from at least one of your bars.

Your home is unlikely to have all the accessories needed your backyard event, but our mobile bar hire company has everything on hand to create the regular cocktails and custom made drinks. According to Chris Lowder, author of Lowder’s Easy List of 178 (Modern) Classics to Know 2016, “a more knowledgeable workforce means that more guests have a better experience.”


Expert Wait Staff for Mobile Catering London

Expert wait staff is just as important to the success of your event as the other elements such as a live band or a DJ. For example, if you’re hosting a corporate product launch, the waiters will ensure that every glass is filled for the toasts. Although not your employees, they should mirror the professionalism you expect from the employees at your own organisation.

Your wait staff will immensely help in your quest to show your guests a good time. If you were thinking of asking family members to serve, think again – professionals will do a much better job, and their cost is included in the price quoted in your contract. You won’t have to deal with the stress of your sister (or whichever family member you pulled in) calling at the last minute to say she’s not available – it’s the responsibility of your festival bar hire company to ensure that your event is adequately staffed.


Mobile Bar Hire for Cocktail Catering Gives You Versatility

What can be more versatile than a pair of mobile cocktail bars, offering you every option under the sun? You can hire a car, caravan, or bus, or a more conservative option such as portable bars with marquee. Each option comes with a professional team ready to delight your guests. Black tie events are very different from a backyard barbecue, but you can count on the versatility of your mobile hire to make either one a success.



If you want your event to stand out, then it’s imperative that you get a professional to mix and serve your drinks. This will make a real difference, since bars are always the focal point. Rental bars are used to catering to different types of functions, and they will help you pull off a seamless event that others will want to copy. Choose carefully, because you want a company that will deliver the type of service that will make your event memorable.

If you look at any event planning FAQ page, you will see that one of the recommendations is that you outsource to reputable companies in order to improve the quality of your function. But you should always do your research, and look at pertinent info about the mobile bar hire companies that you’re considering. When you narrow it down, get a free quote. Once you know what you’re looking for, you will find the perfect mobile bar hire for your event.

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