Common Grind

by Chris Weaver

Chris joined Bread & Honey to launch its Common Grind coffee bar in April 2015. He started as a barista ten years ago as a means to pay the rent, but a casual job quickly became a lifelong passion. He’s now one of London’s most talented baristas, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the the greatest blends and techniques. He says the best part of his job is meeting new people and helping them get through their mornings.

Common Grind, our in-house coffee bar at Facebook HQ, is more than just a place to drink great coffee. It’s also a place to buy great coffee. Part of the complete caffeinated experience in any good retailer is the chance to take some of the beans away to brew at home. So you can kick back with your favourite blend whenever you want.

Our coffee-to-take-home collection stars our two house roasts: Jailbreak and Blake. But as the world of coffee is so extensive and people love to try new variations, we like to shake things up with the occasional guest appearance from our favourite roasts from around the world.

Expert barista and connoisseur Chris Weaver heads up Common Grind. He’s not only skilled when it comes to the perfect serve, from his legendary Flat White to his rich Espresso, but also knows his beans (literally) when it comes to the retail side of the coffee business. And we had a few questions to ask him about it. So it’s over to you Chris.

Why do you only stock whole bean coffee?

We stock whole bean coffee to keep it fresh. Once coffee is ground it starts to lose some of its delicious aroma and flavour almost immediately. We are more than happy to grind it for you when you order it. This also allows us to give you the perfect grind for your preferred brew method, unlike a lot of places that sell pre-ground coffee with a ‘one size fits all’ grind.


How fresh are your beans?

We endeavour to sell beans that are less than a week from roast and recommend that you consume them within a month. All our bags will have a clear roast date printed on them. Something that we believe all coffee roasters should do.


Why do you have so many in stock?!

We recently made a change with our roastery. Instead of having separate bags to sell and use, we decided to get all our beans in smaller retail sizes. While this costs slightly more for us, it guarantees that we will always have all the coffee that we sell in stock for you to buy. It also helps us to ensure your beans are ALWAYS fresh.


What if I like trying new beans from well-known subscription services?

Okay, so that one’s not a question, but I’ll handle it anyway! While we will always stock our two house blends, Jailbreak and Blake, we also have a constantly changing single origin – similar to a popular coffee subscription service. This normally changes every two weeks, and we’re always happy to let you sample it before you buy!

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