The need for environmental protection forms an integral part of Bread & Honey’s business philosophy. We endeavour to operate in harmony with the environment, with particular emphasis on the following areas:


· We will encourage all our suppliers to minimise the amount of packaging used on incoming goods (bearing in mind the food hygiene requirements for the protection of foodstuffs).

· Suppliers will be encouraged to use biodegradable or recyclable materials or reusable systems.

· Wherever possible, the catering sites will use ‘environmentally caring’ foodstuffs (e.g. tuna fish caught in dolphin-friendly nets, free-range eggs etc).


· All staff will ensure that the use of all types of power resources e.g. water, electricity and gas, is kept to a minimum by responsible kitchen practice.

· Staff will ensure that all waste is disposed of in a hygienic manner in compliance with the environmental requirements of this policy.

· The company COSHH policy will ensure that the use of cleaning chemicals is carefully controlled and that all such chemicals will be stored, applied and disposed of in a prescribed matter.


· Glass: The company will maximise the use of returnable bottles at their sites.

· Cans: The company will promote the recycling of steel and aluminium cans.

· Plastics: The company will promote recycling wherever possible.

· Paper and Cardboard: Bread and Honey will ensure that the amount of paper utilised during its operation is minimised.

· Printer Cartridges: Whenever possible used printer cartridges should be recycled using the bags provided for this purpose.


· The disposal of waste is controlled by the Environmental Protection Act – Duty of Care regulations 1992. This legislation places four main responsibilities on organisations like Bread and Honey who produce controlled waste as defined e.g. kitchen waste. These are:

a) To ensure that the person or company collecting waste is a registered waste carrier

b) To ensure that all of our waste is securely packaged or contained

c) To ensure that a description of the waste is given to the registered waste carrier

d) To ensure that a waste transfer note is completed and a copy give to the registered carrier

· Waste will be prevented from spilling, leaking, blowing away or being attacked by pests whilst awaiting collection. Waste stored outside will therefore be stored in secure, lidded containers and bags must be securely tied. All drums must have secure lids and skips must be covered.


· The company will ensure that all vehicles utilised will be subject to regular maintenance programme in order to promote their energy efficiency.

· All new company vehicles will be fitted with a catalytic converter.

· As far as operational requirements allow, catering managers will ensure that the use of vehicles is kept to a minimum by careful planning of activities in order to minimise the number of journeys undertaken.


· All staff will receive training on the key requirements of this policy as it affects their work.

· Managers will include environmental issues as part of their monthly safety audit.

· All staff will be encouraged to comment on environmental issues during the monthly safety meetings.



Bread & Honey strives to maximise its positive impact and to minimise any potential negative effects on society and the environment. 

Our management systems that control what we do and how we do it follow the standards set and the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Management System. 

Our core values (the guiding principles we believe in) are as follows: 

- We put health and safety first in all our operations 

- We provide and promote a variety of well balanced food options to all our clients 

- We actively seek to minimise organic waste in our operations 

- We continue to set and adopt best practice standards to meet or surpass the required environmental legislation 

- We strive to maximise the efficient use of resources and minimise waste generation in all our operations and continually seek ways to improve our recycling activities 

- We purchase through local supplier networks wherever possible 

- We continue to develop procurement arrangements that encompass social, ethical and sustainable procurement to minimise environmental impact 

- We are proud of our employees and are committed to ensuring their physical and mental well being