Flat White vs Latte at Common Grind

by Chris Weaver

Chris joined Bread & Honey to launch its Common Grind coffee bar in April 2015. He started as a barista ten years ago as a means to pay the rent, but a casual job quickly became a lifelong passion. He’s now one of London’s most talented baristas, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the the greatest blends and techniques. He says the best part of his job is meeting new people and helping them get through their mornings.

It’s been a summer of Coffee Wars here at Facebook HQ after we launched our in-house coffee bar earlier this year.

Common Grind is the little brother to the restaurant Bread & Honey has already been running in its London offices for over a year.

But if that sounds twee, don’t be fooled. We’ve made Common Grind that little bit different. Coffee with added bite. And for the coffee connoisseurs at Facebook, it’s gone down very well.

Unlike most specialty coffee bars, we’ve chosen to run with two house roasts rather than one. And both most definitely pack a punch.

And herein lies the battle of the beans: in the red corner we have Jailbreak, full of citrus and light fruit flavours. In the blue corner we have Blake, a bolder roast with darker fruit flavours, which sits better with milk.

While the battle rages between the two varieties (my personal favourite is Blake), it’s what you do with them that has sparked the real debate.

And it all comes down to two contenders: Lattes vs Flat White. We serve up 300 coffees a day. And every day is a battle between the two.

Hands down, these are the champions of the coffee world right now, and every coffee lover has an opinion on which is best.

If you thought there was not much difference between them, you’d be wrong. These are distinct offerings, and as any barista will tell you, it’s all down to different techniques of steaming milk.

The latte: slightly larger in volume, with an even mix of hot steamed milk topped with a velvet foam. And the flat white, made with milk that has been heated consistently to form a smooth, velvety texture throughout.

I would always go for a Flat White, I like the strong flavour and struggle to stomach the amount of milk in a Latte. For new people, I would always lean them towards a Flat White if they are looking for a milky coffee.

But the proof is in the drinking. So who wins the Coffee War at Facebook HQ? Well, they’re both neck and neck every day but for now I think the Latte just edges it for now.

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