International Women’s Day

by Clemi Cruickshank

Clemi has been a major player at Bread & Honey for two years. Before joining us, she worked as a wedding manager at Bijou Weddings and as a marketing executive at Quintessentially.

You don’t need to delve too far into your search engine to know there’s a celebratory day for pretty much everything nowadays. Some more worthy than others, I must add.

From National Fish & Chip Day (fine by me), World Book Day (big thumbs up) to False Teeth Day (yes, really) and Bubblewrap Appreciation Day (don’t worry, that’s just for the Americans), there’s a bursting calendar of awareness days.

But there’s one which we are 110% behind here at Bread & Honey, and we celebrated it this week: International Women’s Day.

This global movement celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Which are vast.

As we run the in-house restaurant at Facebook HQ in London, we helped staff and guests mark the day in suitably celebratory style.

The sophisticated evening event was held a few days before the big day, allowing guests a Friday evening to enjoy good food, excellent speakers and live music from the magnificient Laura Mvula.

Choosing a menu to offer an event like this is just my sort of thing, and I drew inspiration from across the globe to reflect the international achievements of women.

Mimosa cocktails were served on arrival before guests feasted on natural yoghurt, paleo granola and fruit compote pots; miso salmon, hard-boiled egg and edamame beans pot and mini salmon bagels.

Sweet pastries, exotic fruit skewers and macaroons rounded off the menu while guests were entertained with an amazing set from Laura Mvula.

It was a great celebration of everything women stand for across the globe. With plenty of reminders of why it’s so important to continue to strive for equality in all walks of life.

International Womens day

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