London Fashion Week survival snacks

by Mark Broadbent

Fashion Week has arrived. The fash pack have flocked to the front row and the industry assembled en masse.

However you dance with the devil, we’ve got a few foodie tips to keep you going strong and feeling good.

  • Almonds

Don’t reach for peanuts or cashews, almonds keep you fuller for longer and have more health benefits. Also, almond milk is the best plant based milk for health and low calorie intake. Especially Rude Health‘s – almonds and spring water, nothing else. No need for bulking rice milk!

  • 70% dark chocolate

For when you need a sugar hit. Literally 2-3 squares and you’ll have that sugar craving packing it’s brown bags. Also, contains antioxidants, fibre, potassium, calcium, copper, and magnesium.  Try the CBD chocolate brand, Paso. It could be the ultimate destress you need.

  • Whey protein shake

It’s a good snack when you need something substantial until your next meal. Studies show that whey protein can help you gain muscle, lose fat, and improve body composition.  We like ‘Whey Box‘ Protein Powder Sachets for on the go. They have awesome flavours to add to your daily smoothie!

  • Turmeric lattes

For when you’ve had one too many coffees. And the anti-inflammatory properties can help with any hangover you may have induced prior.  Note to self, Starbucks’ has caffeine in already.

  • Bliss balls

We make them in cacao, lemon or pistachio flavours.  They’re a hit with all of our clients and a brilliant source of energy. Drop an email to to place order.

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