Nitro Cold Brew

by Chris Weaver

Chris joined Bread & Honey to launch its Common Grind coffee bar in April 2015. He started as a barista ten years ago as a means to pay the rent, but a casual job quickly became a lifelong passion. He’s now one of London’s most talented baristas, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the the greatest blends and techniques. He says the best part of his job is meeting new people and helping them get through their mornings.

It goes without saying that Facebook is about as up to the minute as you get. So working within the social media giant’s HQ, the need to keep up with what’s trending kind of rubs off.

The coffee business is huge. Every day, over 2.25 billion cups of the stuff are consumed across the globe. It literally wakes up the whole world.

No surprises then that the coffee market is fast-paced, with new trends, tastes and techniques keeping us baristas on our toes.

Since joining Bread & Honey to head up Common Grind at Facebook HQ, I’ve been hard at work making sure our offering is bang up to date.

One newcomer that’s really caught my eye lately is the Nitro Cold Brew, not least because it allows me to play with a cool piece of gadgetry.

Simply put, it’s a cold brewed coffee, which is pressurized with nitrogen gas and served through a beer tap. This gives it the consistency of Guinness with a creamy head and golden cascading bubbles.

Inspired by specialty coffee bars in the States, we have built our own system to serve Nitro Cold Brew and have had a fantastic response from the Facebook staff. Now we’ve got the basics right we’re looking at adding extras like hops to give it a floral lift.

But it’s not just what we serve that is bucking the trend at Common Grind, we’re also thinking ahead of the game in terms of how we serve our coffee.

We’ve been hard at work developing our Get My Usual app to allow Facebook staff to order coffee to their desk or meeting room.

The app is great for those too busy to leave their desk for a run to the coffee bar. And it’s also great for large meetings, saving someone the headache of taking everyone’s order on scraps of paper.

We’ve just completed our test run and now we’re back at the computers developing some new features before we roll it out for good.

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